Here is what I got to do and how the whole thing was: 

I booked a photo shoot with Shameless* as a birthday gift for myself and what a treat it was!  I had always wanted to do one but I never got around to it. After having my baby I finally decided that it was time. Nowadays, with digital camera and photoshop, the marketplace is flooded with amateur photographers who set up shop with a few basic equipment.  I tried one of those two years ago - the portraits were fine, but flat and forgettable.  With Shameless*, it's anything but that.  They stand out with their mastery of lighting and a keen eye for aesthetic.  The photos were stunning - beautiful settings, rich in color and depth.  It was almost magical to see how they create such different imagery by adjusting the lighting. 

If you book a session with professional hair and makeup, that's quite an experience as well - getting air-brushed, having hair and makeup people hover around you during the shoot, touching up here and there, tweaking hair style for different shoots...oh you will feel like a princess!In an effort to make the images more special to me, I decided to bring all the props, clothes, etc, because I wanted to make it personal. I brought vintage clothes and accessories from my shop for the first set and my son's favorite toys and baby clothes for the second set. It was the best feeling, it really made it all even more special.  

In sum, the photo shoot beats 10 sessions with the shrink and 10 spa treatments combined :-) - and you would have these great photos to treasure forever!

I added links and photographer's info below for you guys. Also, don't forget, if you need props, clothes or accessories for your shoot, you can contact me here. See what we have here: @NBVintageShop on Instagram. 

*You can get info and bookings at: